Claims Consulting Solutions

The Benefits of Claims Consulting Solutions with Bickmore - Reports are easy to understand and provide clear direction, our team has hands-on experience with every type of claim, and our recommendations are practical and technically sound.

Claims Audits, Quality Assured.

Claims Auditing: Bickmore performs audits for excess carriers, pools, and self-insured entities (public and private).

  • OSIP Certified: Our team is certified by the California Office of Self Insurance Programs for demonstrated knowledge of workers’ compensation regulations.
  • Industry Knowledge: We have performed claim audits with an emphasis on appropriate claims handling performance for schools, municipalities, transportation authorities, self-insured groups, airports, hospital systems, and many others.
  • Open Audit Process: Bickmore provides an open audit process where findings are transparent, encouraging participants to consider and respond to findings prior to preparing our draft report.
  • Provide Reassurance: With the objectivity provided by our independent analysis, management is secure in knowing the facts about the claim administration function and how efficiently it is accomplishing its important role of spending risk dollars wisely.

Claims Process Review and Management

Objective insight into claims management practices to help you address weaknesses, improve processes and save time and money on claims management.

  • Customized Quality Assurance: Drive improvement with a 360 degree view of your current claims process, measured by over a dozen custom claims handling components.
  • 3-Tier Standard of Reference: See how well you’re doing against State laws, industry best practices, and your internal policies.
  • Objective Grading System: Measure progress year-over-year with our clearly defined grading system that can be applied for future audits.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Insight: Create solutions for your processes and people with our comprehensive reports.

Bickmore professionals provide leadership and education to support and promote risk management.

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