Litigation Management and Contractual Risk

Reduce Litigation Costs, and Protect Your Funds

Our litigation management specialists are former trial attorneys who employ strategies to defend public entities in liability claims. We focus on protecting your funds and reducing litigation management costs.

Litigation claims prevention and defense services include:

  • Liability workshops
  • Assistance with developing consistent contract requirements
  • Employment practices consulting
  • Help identifying defective and/or insufficient tort claims
  • Direct early and reasonable settlements
  • Compliance evaluation with established guidelines
  • Ongoing resources in mediation, trial preparation and strategies

Our team works with our pool clients to establish protocols, get involved at the earliest stages, and champion overall resolution.

Million Dollar Questions - Knowing What to Ask Can Limit Your Exposure

Indemnity language and endorsement requirements in your contracts may not adequately limit your liability. When transferring risk via contract, it’s important to ask the right questions to prevent ambiguous language from exposing you to losses in the thousands – or millions – of dollars.

A Risk Transfer Expert Can Help you Answer the Following Questions:

  • Am I confident my risk transfer contracts are effective?
  • Are my contracts compliant with legislative updates?
  • Do I have the time and expertise to review and address indemnity language and insurance requirements?
  • Do I know how many active contracts and hold harmless agreements my organization currently carries?
  • What am I missing, and can it expose me to costly losses

Download a copy of Bickmore’s   Contractual Risk Transfer Manual.

Bickmore professionals provide leadership and education to support and promote risk management.

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