Risk Control Consulting

Loss Analysis:

The advantages of conducting a loss analysis are twofold: (1) data assessed by frequency and severity allows for the development of a customized, focused safety plan that addresses specific loss drivers; and (2) that same analysis provides benchmarking which serves as a baseline for measuring future success.

Risk Assessments:

Bickmore has assessment criteria for most exposure areas and can customize an assessment and report based on specified criterion. Assessments include targeted questions evaluating general safety program implementation and controls in place to address injury trends. This approach allows us to condense the assessment and focus on priority areas. Our reports are concise and make it easy to understand and implement recommendations. Assessments also include a scorecard that allows clients to easily understand strengths and weaknesses within their programs.

On-Site Services:

Our staff has extensive experience assisting clients with safety program development and implementation. We also have a team of credentialed safety professionals who can provide onsite risk control services and employee safety training on a variety of subjects. Below is a sample list of what Bickmore can provide.