Virtual Safety Manager Program

The Virtual Safety Manager (VSM) Program is a valuable tool that provides agencies with a grouping of resources to facilitate and administer a robust training program. The VSM Program utilizes a variety of Bickmore safety training resources, Target Solutions (TS) web-based courses, and the TS learning management system. Bickmore staff partners with agencies to:

Identify Cal/OSHA training requirements for all employees

Assign training to employees throughout the year based on the agency’s desired frequency

Maintain the Learning Management System (LMS), which includes documenting:

Assigned training

On-the-job and class room training

Program and policy employee acknowledgements

Provide management status and progress reports

Administration & Support:

  • Provide ongoing customer service and support for both employees and management
  • Detailed management reports are developed on a monthly basis and/or as requested by the agency.

Program Set-Up:

  • Meet with agency leadership to provide overview of the program.
  • Work with Target Solutions to develop the agency’s customized TS website.
  • Collect employee data and enter into TS Learning Management System (LMS) on behalf of the agency.
  • Obtain employee job classifications and workplace exposures to assist with identifying Cal/OSHA training requirements.
  • Provide annual training calendar based on agency’s needs.


  • Conduct orientation for managers and employees.
  • Train managers on tracking features available and integration into VSM Program.
  • Conduct ongoing training for new staff.